My Approach

For the past 23 years, my work has been dedicated to helping my clients heal and grow from issues related to the past so that they can live richer and more fulfilling lives in the present. I have worked with men and women, from late teens into adulthood, on their journeys of growth and self-discovery. Anxiety Counseling Cherry Creek My expertise in in helping adults heal from childhood wounds that manifest in the present as feelings of depression, anxiety and anger, eating disorders, lack of self-esteem/self-worth, trust issues, and/or difficulties in relationship.

From our earliest days, we are vulnerable to the primary caretakers in our lives. When our Parents are loving and healthy themselves, we learn that we are lovable, deserving and good enough. However, if our Parents (or other primary caretakers) were not healthy, then we become vulnerable to being painfully affected.

The process of therapy helps us heal from these earliest of wounds. We can grow into individuals with a healthy sense of Self, living in the present with fulfilling relationships and a sense of safety and hope about the world around us. Psychotherapy is built upon a relationship of respect and trust between therapist and client. This relationship provides a safe place for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. My style is gentle, compassionate, interactive, and respectful of your individuality.